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Rediscover the youthful contours of your face and body with Renuva, the revolutionary volumizing treatment offered at Truly You Medical Spa in Lake City, FL. If you’re noticing changes in your appearance due to natural volume loss, such as sunken cheeks or body irregularities, Renuva provides a safe and effective way to rejuvenate and harmonize your natural beauty.

Understanding Renuva

Renuva is a cutting-edge adipose allograft matrix, derived from natural fat cells, designed to act as a scaffold for your own cells. This FDA-approved treatment integrates seamlessly into your body, supporting cellular growth and vascularization for natural and long-lasting volume enhancement.

The Benefits of Choosing Renuva

Renuva stands out as a transformative treatment, offering natural-looking results by encouraging the growth of your own fat cells for a seamless enhancement. This FDA-approved procedure is not only safe, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions, but also highly efficient, allowing you to enjoy minimal downtime with an in-office procedure. The long-lasting results effectively maintain your youthful appearance, and the versatility of Renuva extends beyond facial enhancement to body contouring, providing a comprehensive solution for restoring and maintaining your natural beauty.

    Renuva is

    Perfect for those Seeking

    A reliable solution for restoring lost facial and body volume

    Natural, harmonious results that blend with your features

    A quick procedure with lasting effects

    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

    Personalized Consultation

    At Truly You Medical Spa, your Renuva treatment journey begins with a personalized consultation where our experts assess your needs to determine if Renuva is the right choice for you. We guide you through pre-treatment preparation steps to ensure the best possible outcome. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied for a comfortable, pain-free experience. Renuva is then precisely injected into targeted areas by our skilled professionals to achieve optimal results. After the treatment, we provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and swift recovery. This approach makes Renuva an ideal solution for those seeking effective and comfortable cosmetic enhancements.

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