Custom Facials and Hydrafacials

Step into the World of Elite Skincare with 

Custom or HydraFacials at Truly You Medical Spa

Welcome to Truly You Medical Spa, your haven for elite skincare in Lake City, FL. Here, we’re not just about treatments; we’re about transformations. Our Custom Facial or our HydraFacial services stand as a testament to our dedication to your beauty and skin health, offering a bespoke skincare journey that reveals the best version of you.

Discovering the Relaxation and Benefits of a European Facial at
Truly You

The European Facial is your time to destress while treating
your skin to deep hydration that will leave you glowing. You will be
pampered with hot towels, aromatherapy, exfoliation, and facial massage.
Which results in elevated relaxation while simultaneously achieving
glowing, hydrated skin

Enjoy the Serenity and Advantages of a Custom Facial at Truly You

The Custom Facial combines specialty skincare treatments with everything you love in a luxury European facial. This service allows your skincare specialist to fully assess and treat your skin concerns while
providing a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Each custom facial is
tailored to your skin’s specific needs and is guaranteed to satisfy each
client on their skincare journey. Our professionals can help you achieve
your skincare goals and provide knowledgeable skincare tips and custom

The Hydrafacial Experience at Truly You Med Spa

This advanced treatment uses nourishing serums combined
with a deep-cleansing process similar to microdermabrasion. Its gentle
non-invasive approach means no downtime, just stunning results. That
leaves you looking refreshed and feeling rejuvenated.

The Science Behind HydraFacials

The HydraFacial’s secret weapon is its unique Vortex-Fusion technology. It’s a three-step journey to skin perfection: cleansing, extracting, and hydrating. The treatment starts with a deep cleanse, shedding away dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Next, a blend of salicylic and glycolic acids target deep-seated impurities. Then comes the magic – the HydraPeel Tip. It simultaneously extracts impurities while infusing your skin with bespoke serums, leaving your skin clear and hydrated.

    Why Choose 


    Facials stand out in the realm of skincare for its versatility and wide-ranging benefits, suitable for all skin types. This powerhouse treatment offers:

    Profound hydration

    Brighter, more luminous skin

    Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

    Evened out skin tone and texture

    Lightened dark spots

    Minimized pores

    Diminished hyperpigmentation

    Relief for oily and congested skin

    Clients adore Facials for the immediate, tangible improvements to their skin, combining luxury with efficacy in every session.

    Your Path to Radiant Skin with

    HydraFacial in Lake City

    Embark on your HydraFacial journey at Truly You Medical Spa, where every step is a fusion of comfort and transformation:

    Cleansing and Exfoliation


    Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation.

    Acid Peel


    Experience a mild peel without the scaling, revealing softer, smoother skin.

    Painless Extractions


    Effortlessly clear pores with the unique Vortex suction.



    Infuse your skin with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid for nourishment and protection.



    Conclude with serums that lock in hydration and radiance.

    This rejuvenating process is soothing, efficient, and effective, with no downtime required.

    Immediate Results

    Lasting Beauty

    Witness your skin transformation after just one treatment. Regular monthly skincare services are recommended to enhance and maintain your skin’s health, tackling concerns such as: aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and congested skin.

    Facials are a universal solution, ideal for all skin types and tailored for individual needs. Whether you’re combatting skin issues, acne, dark spots, or wrinkles, our skincare treatments can be customized to your unique concerns. We believe in the power of beautiful skin for everyone.

    Custom Facials for
    Unique Skin

    At Truly You Medical Spa, we recognize the uniqueness of each client’s skin. Our custom facials are crafted to address your individual skin needs, whether it’s anti-aging, blemish control, or a brightness boost. Our expert estheticians tailor each treatment with a selection of top-tier serums and techniques, ensuring a facial experience as unique as you.

    Our custom facials go beyond indulgence; they
    are a commitment to nurturing and enhancing your natural beauty

    Embrace the

    Personalized or HydraFacial Experience at Truly You
    Medical Spa

    Join us at Truly You Medical Spa in Lake City, FL, for an indulgent journey into superior skincare. With our HydraFacial and Personalized facial offerings, we promise not just treatments but transformations. Book your Personalized or HydraFacial today and discover the magic of skincare personalized for the true you. 


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